Hi Mr. Valentine, I advertised this concert in the latest issue, and here is the HTML ad for it!  Regards, Emily Baehr
20th Century English and American Art Song Recital

Recital flyer
Who where and when:
Emily Baehr, soprano and Christina Haan, piano are pleased to present a recital of 20th century English and American art songs on Jan. 9, 2011 at 2:00 p.m. at Knox Presbyterian Church in Hyde Park, Cincinnati.  The church is on the corner of Michigan and Observatory Ave.  There will be a reception with food afterwards.
The program:
Samuel Barber's "Hermit Songs" (1953)
    American composer from West Chester, PA. (His Adagio for Strings is his most popular composition). This song cycle is set to little poems that anonymous medieval Irish monks and scholars wrote, sometimes in the margins of manuscripts they were copying. Wiki on Samuel Barber

Songs by Peter Warlock (from mostly the 1920's)
    Born Philip Heseltine, this English composer was fond of making up pseudonyms for himself.  His day job was being a music critic/journalist, which also was partly why he published under a pseudonym.  Like other bohemians of his time, he was interested in the occult.  He also liked to make up dirty limericks.  Warlock's songs were influential on English art song, but he died young under mysterious circumstances. Wiki on Peter Warlock

"At Wren House" by Zeke Hecker (world premiere)
   Vermont composer Zeke Hecker has written three symphonies, four musical comedies, numerous songs, and operas which have been staged in London and New York. This song cycle is set to poems by Seattle poet Alicia Hokanson.  In 1987 Emily premiered another Hokanson/Hecker cycle.  Mr. Hecker is expected to attend the concert.  Bio of Zeke Hecker
Bio of Emily Baehr:  Soprano Emily Baehr grew up in Vermont and in addition to her vocal studies, also studied composing with Zeke Hecker. She was a voice major at Oberlin College and graduated in 1990.  She lived in Boston, then in Münster-Westfalen, Germany, and then the Cincinnati area. Emily sings in the choir at Knox Presbyterian Church and also sings and plays mandolin in a bluegrass band, Vernon McIntyre's Appalachian Grass. She also writes songs, some of which can be found at http://home.fuse.net/emilybaehr/music. Bio of Christina Haan:  Knox's Organist, Christina Haan has an extensive background in opera and music theatre. In her position as organist at Knox Church, she plays for many major works and performs many organ concertos. Her professional engagements have taken her to venues including England, Italy, Paris, and Carnegie Hall. She is in great demand as accompanist and chamber musician, and performs frequently with local groups such as Cincinnati Chamber Orchestra and Vocal Arts Ensemble. Christina is currently a doctoral candidate in organ performance at Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music.