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The Peter Warlock Society


During the early 1960s interest in Peter Warlock and his music had reached a low level. Performances and recordings were scarce, and much of his music was out of print. The only significant book on him had been written nearly thirty years earlier in 1934. In 1963 Patrick Mills, a keen Warlock aficionado, got together with the composer Gerald Cockshott, and founded the Peter Warlock Society with Cockshott as Chairman, and Mills as the Founder/Secretary.

The Society’s objectives at that time were to generally increase Warlock’s profile amongst the music-loving public, to ensure that all his music was available in print and to promote concerts of his music.

The Society today

Today the Society continues to be pro-active by updating and revising scores for publication (including an eight volume Critical Edition of his complete solo songs), offering advice to / providing information for musicians upon request – and by financially supporting new recordings and performances of his music, some of them being major projects.

Music students are invited to engage with Warlock’s music via Birthday Concerts, motivated by the Society, which are held annually in one of the nation’s conservatoires. A Peter Warlock Prize competition for students, also to be held in conservatoires, is currently in train for introduction in 2023.

The Society’s Newsletter, which started off as a single sheet in the 1960s, is now a twice-yearly 48-page full colour Journal containing articles, reviews and related information. More than 100 editions have been produced – all stored on this website and available as digital downloads to our members.

Social events and membership

Social events are also organised for members, particularly on the weekends surrounding Annual General Meetings. AGMs are usually held in attractive parts of the country, and include talks and concerts along with various activities such as walks and visits to interesting local landmarks.

We always welcome new members. The membership page explains how you can join, and you may wish to read about the personnel who run the society, or read our constitution.

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