Song Compositions

Between 1911 and 1930.
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The Wind from the WestElla Young1911
A Lake and a Fairy BoatThomas Hood1911
Music, when soft voices dieShelley1911 [2 versions]
The Everlasting VoicesW. B. Yeats1915
The Lover mourns for the Loss of LoveW. B. Yeats1916 [rev. 1920]
Saudades (x3)
- Along the StreamLi Po1917
- Take, o Take those lips awayShakespeare1916-17
- HeracleitusCallimachus1917
The Water LilyRobert Nichols1916-17
I asked a thief to steal me a peachWilliam Blake1917 [2 versions]
Bright is the ring of wordsR. L. Stevenson1918
To the Memory of a Great SingerR. L. Stevenson1918 [rev. 1922]
Take, o take those lips away (2nd setting)Shakespeare1918
As ever I sawAnon 16th c.1918
LullabyThomas Dekker1918
My gostly faderCharles Duc d'Orléans1918
The bayley berith the bell awayAnon 15th c.1918
Whenas the rye reach to the chinGeorge Peele1918
BalulalowMartin Luther1919
The Cloths of HeavenW. B. Yeats1919
DedicationPhilip Sydney1919
Love for LoveAnon 16th c.1919
A Love SongSkipwith Cannell1919
Mourn no MoeJohn Fletcher1919
My sweet little darlingAnon 16th c.1919
RomanceR. L. Stevenson1919
Sweet ContentThomas Dekker1919
There is a LadyAnon 17th c.1919
Play ActingAnon1920
Captain Stratton's FancyJohn Masefield1921
Mr Belloc's FancyJ. C. Squire1921 [2 versions]
Late SummerEdward Shanks1921
Good AleAnon 15th c.1922
Hey troly loly loAnon 16th c.1922
The BachelorAnon 15th c.1922
PiggesnieAnon 16th c.1922
Little Trotty WagtailJohn Clare1922
The SingerEdward Shanks1922
Adam lay yboundenAnon 15th c.1922
Rest sweet nymphsAnon 16th c.1922
SleepJohn Fletcher1922
Tyrley TyrlowAnon 16th c.1922
Lillygay (x5)
- The Distracted MaidAnon1922
- Johnny wi' the TyeAnon1922
- The ShoemakerAnon1922
- Burd Ellen and Young TamlaneAnon1922
- Rantum TantumVictor B. Neuburg1922
Peterisms, set I (x3)
- ChopcherryGeorge Peele1922
- A Sad SongJohn Fletcher1922
- RutterkinJ. Skelton1922
Peterisms, set II (x3)
- Roister DoisterNicholas Udall1922
- SpringThomas Nashe1922
- Lusty JuventusRobert Wever1922
In an arbour greenRobert Wever1922
Autumn TwilightArthur Symons1922
MilkmaidsJames Smith1923
Candlelight (12 nursery rhymes)
- How many miles to Babylon?Anon1923
- I won't be my father's JackAnon1923
- Robin and RichardAnon1923
- O my kittenAnon1923
- Little Tommy TuckerAnon1923
- There was an old manAnon1923
- I had a little ponyAnon1923
- Little Jack JingleAnon1923
- There was a Man of ThessalyAnon1923
- Suky, you shall be my wifeAnon1923
- There was an old womanAnon1923
- Arthur O'BowerAnon1923
Jenny GrayAnon1923
2 Short Songs
- I held love's headRobert Herrick1923
- Thou gav'st me leave to kissRobert Herrick1923
ConsiderFord Madox Ford1923
Twelve OxenAnon1924
The Toper's SongAnon1924
Peter Warlock's FancyAnon1924
Yarmouth FairHal Collins1924
I have a gardenThomas Moore1924 [1910, rev.]
Chanson du jour de NoëlClément Marot1925
One more riverAnon1925
Pretty Ring TimeShakespeare1925
2 Songs (x2)
- A Prayer to St AnthonyArthur Symons1925
- The Sick HeartArthur Symons1925
The CountrymanJohn Chalkhill1926
Maltworms (jointly composed with E. J. Moeran)William Stevenson1926
The BirdsHilaire Belloc1926
Robin GoodfellowAnon1926
Jillian of BerryFrancis Beaumont1926
Away to TwiverAnon1926
Fair and TrueNicholas Breton1926
3 Belloc Songs (x3)
- Ha'nacker MillHilaire Belloc1927
- The NightHilaire Belloc1927
- My Own CountryHilaire Belloc1927
The First MercyBruce Blunt1927
The Lover's MazeAnon1927
Cradle SongJohn Phillip1927
Sigh no more ladiesShakespeare1927
Walking the WoodsAnon1927
The Jolly ShepherdAnon1927
What Cheer? Good Cheer!Anon1927
Where Riches is EverlastinglyAnon1927
Queen AnneAnon1928
Passing byAnon1928
Seven Songs of Summer (x7)
- The Passionate ShepherdChristopher Marlowe1928
- The Contented LoverJames Mabbe1928
- YouthRobert Wever1928
- The Sweet o' the YearShakespeare1928
- Tom TylerAnon1928
- Eloré LoAnon1928
- The Droll LoverAnon1928
And wilt thou leave me thus?Thomas Wyatt1928
The Cricketers of HambledonBruce Blunt1928
Fill the Cup, PhilipAnon1928
Carillon, CarillaHilaire Belloc1929
The Five Lesser Joys of MaryD.L. Kelleher1929
The Frostbound WoodBruce Blunt1929
After Two YearsRichard Aldington1930
The FoxBruce Blunt1930
Bethlehem DownBruce Blunt1930


Eng Hn: English Horn, Fl: Flute, Orch: Orchestra, Org: Organ, Pf: Pianoforte, SATB: Soprano / Alto / Tenor / Bass, Str Orch: String Orchestra, Str Qt: String Quartet