Facade / Rio Grande / Things to Come / Curlew

Symposium Records, 1997

Facade / Rio Grande / Things to Come / Curlew

By International String Quartet

This 24 track CD is comprised of performances captured from vintage 78rpm discs produced in the 1930s. The performances are good, but the quality reflects the limitations of the source material – tracks are in mono and come complete with scratches and crackles.

The section featuring Warlock includes The Curlew recorded in 1931 (Tracks 19-22: He Reproves The Curlew, The Lover Mourns For The Loss Of Love, The Withering Of Boughs, He Hears The Cry Of The Sledge) and Corpus Christi recorded in 1936 (Track 23).

Further information (and audio previews): Presto Music and eClassical

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