Time Being

ECM Records, 1994

Time Being

By John Taylor, Palle Danielsson, Peter Erskine

This 1994 release on the ECM label is unique! Not only is it performed by three of the most versatile and highly respected musicians in the world, (better known perhaps for their long tenure in the Jazz field) but they include on this album a tribute to Peter Warlock by using his piece titled “Pieds – en – l’air”. Warlock scholars will know this to come from the well known “Capriol Suite”. This 4:38 minute track concludes an excellent album and is a true statement that this is not just contemporary Jazz but just music… wonderful MUSIC at that!

Check it out, the acoustic string bass has the theme and the whole track is played with a feeling of sublime drifting to a far away place… away from the strife of this modern age.

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