Warlock Choral Music

Naxos, 2014

Warlock Choral Music

By The Carice Singers

The Naxos Cd has been recorded by the Carice Singers, directed by George Parris. A review of their stunning concert given on 7 September at Hampton Lucy appears on p.38 of the Autumn issue of the PWS Newsletter #93.

The expected content of the CD is: The Full Heart, As Dew in Aprylle, Benedicamus Domino, Cornish Christmas Carol, Kanow Kernow, Corpus Christi, Three Belloc Songs, i)Ha’nacker Mill ii) The Night iii) My Own Country, The Birds, The Spring of the Year, All the Flowers of Spring, Call for the Robin Redbreast, The Shrouding of the Duchess of Malfi, Bethlehem Down, I saw a fair maiden, The Rich Cavalcade, What Cheer, Good Cheer!, Where riches is everlastingly, Balulalow, The Five Lesser Joys of Mary, Carillon Carilla, Adam Lay Ybounden.

The expected release date will be in July and there will be an official launch concert for the CD in London in September 2014. More details in the Spring edition.

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