Gurney, Ireland, Quilter and Warlock

Published: 1989, ISBN 978-0715622742

Gurney, Ireland, Quilter and Warlock

By Michael Pilkington

The English Solo Song Guides to the Repertoire series, which aims to cover the whole repertoire of English song, is designed not merely as a practical guide for singers and teachers but also to be of use to the ever-increasing number of students wishing to study particular areas of the subject – the music, the poetry or both.

Michael Pilkington is a leading authority on English song. He studied at The Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London and subsequently had extensive experience as accompanist and repetiteur, also as conductor for London Ballet and other groups. Since 1964 he has been on the staff of The Guildhall, where, among other activities, he ran a performers’ class in English and American song. He has also given workshops in many American universities, and has edited several collections of English song.

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