Other Vocal Compositions

Between 1916 and 1930.
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Choral: The Full HeartR. NicholsSSSAATTBB1916, rev. 1921
As Dewe in AprylleSSAATBB1918
Benedicamus DominoSSAATTBB1918
Cornish Christmas CarolH. JennerSSAATTBB1918
Kanow KernowH. JennerSSAATB1918
Corpus ChristiA, TSSAATBB1919
3 Carols:
- Tyrley TyrlowSATBOrch1923
- BalulalowSSATBStr Orch1923
- The Sycamore TreeSATBOrch1923
One More RiverBarTTBBPf1925
The Lady's BirthdayBarATTBPf1925
The Spring of the YearA. CunninghamSATB1925
3 Dirges of Webster:
- All the flowers of springSSAATTBB1923-5
- Call for the Robin Redbreast and the WrenSSAA1923-5
- The Shrouding of the Duchess of MalfiTTBB1923-5
Bethlehem DownB. BluntSATB1927
I saw a fair maidenSATTB1927
What Cheer? Good Cheer!1927
Where Riches is Everlastinglyunison vvOrg1927
Where Riches is EverlastinglySATBOrg1927
The Rich CavalcadeF. KendonSATB1928
The First MercyB. BluntSSAPf1928 [arr. of 1927 solo version]
The bayley berith the bell away2 voicesPf1928 [arr. of 1918 solo version]
The Five Lesser Joys of MaryD. L. Kelleherunison vvOrg1929
Carillon CarillaH. Bellocunison vvOrg1930
Carillon CarillaH. BellocSATBOrg1930


Eng Hn: English Horn, Fl: Flute, Orch: Orchestra, Org: Organ, Pf: Pianoforte, SATB: Soprano / Alto / Tenor / Bass, Str Orch: String Orchestra, Str Qt: String Quartet