Gossiana – A 1920s Anthology Of Song

Divine Art, 2007

Gossiana – A 1920s Anthology Of Song

By Giles Davies, Goss Male Quartet, Steven Devine

This recording has been much awaited by those dedicated afficionados of not so much Warlock himself, but those who Warlock (Philip Heseltine) was associated with.

John Goss proves to have been an artist in all senses of the word. For many years, if not for most of his long life, Robert Beckhard (New York) wrote extensively having researched in depth the life and work of John Goss who, besides his great presence as a vocalist had other irons in the fire so to speak. Sadly, to date we have not as yet been able to capture what Beckhard left behind by virtue of his vast research due to prolonged illness and the lack of direct support for this quest.

Herewith an extract from the New York Times obituary:

“He was a recognized expert on the music of Peter Warlock, and served as a musicologist for the fictionalized film account of Warlock’s life, “Voices From a Locked Room.” He contributed an essay to the book “Peter Warlock, A Centenary Celebration,” published in 1994. In later years he devoted himself to research for a book about the life of the singer John Goss.”

I was privileged to know Robert personally after my move from England to the USA, realising that after I had settled in up-state New York, we were within hours of each other. Robert’s enthusiasm for life and his chosen subjects (Goss included) will ever remain a fond memory. I spent happy times with him and his beloved Pat in Manhattan and at their country cottage in Garrison.

Robert Beckhard would have been more than delighted to have seen this CD come to fruition as I do believe that Giles Davies and he were in collaboration over the subject. It’s a tribute to Robert in a significant way how in some way his vast work has at least been given some deserved accolade by seeing and hearing the results of this marvelous recording that pays tribute to Goss’ friend Warlock.

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