critical edition volume one front and back covers

Peter Warlock Critical Edition (Revised): Volume 1 front and back covers

Peter Warlock Critical Edition (Revised)

The new Critical Edition has now been published by Goodmusic Publishing

The eight volumes are available directly from Goodmusic as follows:



Post: Goodmusic Publishing Ltd, PO Box 100, Tewkesbury, GL0 7YQ

Telephone: 01684 773883

Volume 1: High Voice, 1911-1919: A lake and a fairy boat; Music when soft voices die (two versions); The Everlasting Voices; The Water Lily; Bright is the ring of words; To the Memory of a Great Singer; As ever I saw; The Cloths of Heaven; Dedication; Love for Love; Sweet Content; My little sweet darling

Volume 2: Medium Voice, 1911-1919: The Wind from the West; The Lover Mourns for the Loss of Love; Take, O take those lips away (two versions); Heraclitus; Along the Stream; I asked a thief to steal me a peach (two versions); Saudades (Along the Stream, Take, O take those lips away, Hereclitus); My gostly fader; The bayly berith the bell away; Lullaby; Whenas the rye reach to the chin; There is a lady sweet and kind; A love-song; Balulalow; Mourn no moe; Romance

Volume 3: High Voice, 1921-1922: Mr Belloc’s Fancy (two versions); The Singer; Good Ale; Piggesnie; The Bachelor; A Sad Song; Rutterkin; Spring; Lusty Juventus; Lillygay (The Distracted Maid, Johnnie wi’ the tye, The Shoemaker, Burd Ellen and Young Tamlane, Rantum Tantum); In an arbour green

Volume 4: High Voice, 1923-1928: Play-acting; Late Summer; Captain Stratton’s Fancy; Little trotty wagtail; Hey, troly loly lo; Adam lay y-bounden; Rest, sweet nymphs; Sleep; Chopcherry; Autumn Twilight; Tyrley Tyrlow; Roister Doister; Candlelight: A cycle of nursery jingles; Jenny Gray

Volume 5: High Voice, 1923-1928: Milkmaids; Consider; Yarmouth Fair; Mockery; Chanson du Jour de Noël / Song for Christmas Day; Pretty Ring Time; Two Songs of Arthur Symons – A Prayer to St Anthony of Padua, The Sick Heart; The Countryman; Passing By; The Passionate Shepherd; Tom Tyler; The Contented Lover; Celestina; The Magpie

Volume 6: Medium Voice, 1923-1926: I held love’s head; Thou gav’st me leave to kiss; The Toper’s Song; Sweet-and-twenty; I have a garden; Peter Warlock’s Fancy; One More River; Twelve Oxen; Away to Twiver; The Birds; Jillian of Berry; Robin Goodfellow; Maltworms; Fair and True

Volume 7: Medium Voice, 1927-1928: Three Belloc Songs – Ha’nacker Mill, The Night, My Own Country; The Lover’s Maze; Cradle Song; Sigh no more, ladies; The First Mercy; The Jolly Shepherd; Walking the Woods; What Cheer? Good Cheer!; Where Riches is Everlastingly; Queen Anne

Volume 8: Medium Voice, 1928-1930: Youth; Eloré Lo; The Sweet o’ the Year; The Droll Lover; And wilt thou leave me thus?; The Cricketers of Hambledon; Fill the cup, Philip; The Frostbound Wood; Carillon, Carilla; The Five Lesser Joys of Mary; After Two Years; The Fox; Bethlehem Down

If bought as individual volumes, the complete set would normally cost £99.50. However, a complete set costs £79.50 (approx. 20% off). P&P to the UK is free; to the EU £7; rest of the world £12.

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