Peter Warlock Critical Edition (Revised) - Eight Volume Set

Peter Warlock Critical Edition (Revised) - Eight Volume Set from Goodmusic Publishing

Peter Warlock Critical Edition (Revised)

The new Critical Edition has now been published by Goodmusic Publishing

The eight volumes are available directly from Goodmusic as follows:

Volume 1

High Voice, 1911-1919: A lake and a fairy boat; Music when soft voices die (two versions); The Everlasting Voices; The Water Lily; Bright is the ring of words; To the Memory of a Great Singer; As ever I saw; The Cloths of Heaven; Dedication; Love for Love; Sweet Content; My little sweet darling

Volume 2

Medium Voice, 1911-1919: The Wind from the West; The Lover Mourns for the Loss of Love; Take, O take those lips away (two versions); Heraclitus; Along the Stream; I asked a thief to steal me a peach (two versions); Saudades (Along the Stream, Take, O take those lips away, Hereclitus); My gostly fader; The bayly berith the bell away; Lullaby; Whenas the rye reach to the chin; There is a lady sweet and kind; A love-song; Balulalow; Mourn no moe; Romance

Volume 3

High Voice, 1921-1922: Mr Belloc’s Fancy (two versions); The Singer; Good Ale; Piggesnie; The Bachelor; A Sad Song; Rutterkin; Spring; Lusty Juventus; Lillygay (The Distracted Maid, Johnnie wi’ the tye, The Shoemaker, Burd Ellen and Young Tamlane, Rantum Tantum); In an arbour green

Volume 4

High Voice, 1923-1928: Play-acting; Late Summer; Captain Stratton’s Fancy; Little trotty wagtail; Hey, troly loly lo; Adam lay y-bounden; Rest, sweet nymphs; Sleep; Chopcherry; Autumn Twilight; Tyrley Tyrlow; Roister Doister; Candlelight: A cycle of nursery jingles; Jenny Gray

Volume 5

High Voice, 1923-1928: Milkmaids; Consider; Yarmouth Fair; Mockery; Chanson du Jour de Noël / Song for Christmas Day; Pretty Ring Time; Two Songs of Arthur Symons – A Prayer to St Anthony of Padua, The Sick Heart; The Countryman; Passing By; The Passionate Shepherd; Tom Tyler; The Contented Lover; Celestina; The Magpie

Volume 6

Medium Voice, 1923-1926: I held love’s head; Thou gav’st me leave to kiss; The Toper’s Song; Sweet-and-twenty; I have a garden; Peter Warlock’s Fancy; One More River; Twelve Oxen; Away to Twiver; The Birds; Jillian of Berry; Robin Goodfellow; Maltworms; Fair and True

Volume 7

Medium Voice, 1927-1928: Three Belloc Songs – Ha’nacker Mill, The Night, My Own Country; The Lover’s Maze; Cradle Song; Sigh no more, ladies; The First Mercy; The Jolly Shepherd; Walking the Woods; What Cheer? Good Cheer!; Where Riches is Everlastingly; Queen Anne

Volume 8

Medium Voice, 1928-1930: Youth; Eloré Lo; The Sweet o’ the Year; The Droll Lover; And wilt thou leave me thus?; The Cricketers of Hambledon; Fill the cup, Philip; The Frostbound Wood; Carillon, Carilla; The Five Lesser Joys of Mary; After Two Years; The Fox; Bethlehem Down

If bought as individual volumes, the complete set would normally cost £99.50.
However, a complete set costs £79.50 (approx. 20% off).
P&P to the UK is free; to the EU £7; rest of the world £12.

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